International Scholars Program Opens a World of Opportunity

Every day, the world becomes more and more interconnected, making it essential that high-achieving students can embrace a global culture of learning from their very first day at the College of Charleston.

Born out of cooperation between the Honors College and the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs (LCWA), the International Scholars Program began in 2012 with the requirement that all participants double major in both international studies and any second major. Each international scholar must be an Aiken fellow and participate in required courses and cohort experiences, including May Away, an all-expenses-paid trip at the end of their first year to places such as the Republic of Georgia, India and Cuba.

International scholars benefit from academic mentoring from faculty as well as professional mentoring from members of the LCWA advisory board, giving them the opportunity to build their professional network.

According to Honors College professor Bryan Ganaway, “The rigorous transnational cultures of learning provided by the International Scholars Program offers the best outcomes for students.”

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